On Solana, we often say that everything is an account. Threads are no different. A thread account simply holds the on-chain state needed to schedule and execute a series of static and/or dynamic instructions on Solana.

pub struct Thread {
    /// The owner of this thread.
    pub authority: Pubkey,
    /// The bump, used for PDA validation.
    pub bump: u8,
    /// The cluster clock at the moment the thread was created.
    pub created_at: ClockData,
    /// The context of the thread's current execution state.
    pub exec_context: Option<ExecContext>,
    /// The number of lamports to payout to workers per execution.
    pub fee: u64,
    /// The id of the thread, given by the authority.
    pub id: Vec<u8>,
    /// The instructions to be executed.
    pub instructions: Vec<SerializableInstruction>,
    /// The name of the thread.
    pub name: String,
    /// The next instruction to be executed.
    pub next_instruction: Option<SerializableInstruction>,
    /// Whether or not the thread is currently paused.
    pub paused: bool,
    /// The maximum number of execs allowed per slot.
    pub rate_limit: u64,
    /// The triggering event to kickoff a thread.
    pub trigger: Trigger,


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