If you have a question, you can ask the community in the Clockwork Discord. If you would rather have a private word with the team, please file a ticket in the support channel.

Why is my thread not executing?

  • Is your thread funded account with enough SOL? Check it's balance and airdrop some SOL to it. See the Fees section for more information.

  • Is your thread paused? Check its status in the Clockwork explorer.

  • Check for programming errors. Use the Clockwork explorer to browse for your thread and click the check if your thread is able to simulate your instructions without errors.

Common errors

InstructionDidNotDeserialize and others

Serialization errors can happen when there is a mismatch between your validator's clockwork engine version and the clockwork libraries you are using. Naturally these two need to match:

  • Note the version of your clockwork-client

  • Note the version of your clockwork-sdk

  • Make sure to checkout and run the same version of the clockwork engine.

(code -32002) Transaction simulation failed: Attempt to load a program that does not exist

This often happens on localnet. You are probably trying to create a thread by calling the thread program, but that program cannot be found. This is most likely due to running solana-test-validator or anchor localnet instead of clockwork localnet.

I see in the validator logs: "Expected an executable account"

You created a thread, but that thread is trying to execute an instruction whose program does not exist (hence the not an executable account). You haven't deployed your program yet.

How can my instruction pay for account initialization?

Why is localnet not working?

My validator stopped after ⠚ Initializing..

The Clockwork plugins depends on a specific of Solana (for know we recommend that you use the exact same version). Make sure your Solana validator uses the same version as Clockwork by installing it again if needed solana-install init x.y.z.

  • Check the release notes in doubt.

  • If for some reason you cannot install the same version, please talk to us.

How do I know which version of Solana the Clockwork Engine (geyser plugin) depends on?

Run cat test-ledger/validator.log | grep "crate-info"

How do I write a cron schedule?

The easiest way to test your cron string before even playing with thread, is to install the clockwork-cli and run clockwork crontab YOUR_STRING.

You can use as reference to build your cron string. Note that crontab guru is a 5 columns cron while the Clockwork cron parser is a 7 columns cron. It includes seconds (left most column) and year (right most column).

Anchor 0.28

We don't support anchor 0.28 yet, if you encounter build issue related to -

  • AnchorDeserialize not implemented

  • spl-token-2022 failed to compile

Please check these two solutions:

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