1. Compile from source

Currently, the fastest way to get up and running with a Clockwork localnet is to clone the repo, checkout a latest release version, and build the toolkit from scratch.
git clone
cd clockwork
git checkout tags/$(git describe --tags)
./scripts/ . && export PATH=$PWD/bin:$PATH

2. Deploy a localnet

First, remember to configure your Solana CLI for local development:
solana config set --url localhost
Now you can use the Clockwork CLI to launch a localnet with all the Clockwork plugin and programs initialized and ready to go:
clockwork localnet
To deploy your own programs to the localnet, you can use either the Anchor CLI, Clockwork CLI, or Solana CLI. As a shortcut, the Clockwork CLI provides a --bpf-program flag for deploying the localnet with a pre-built program binary.
anchor deploy
clockwork localnet \
solana program deploy \

3. Stream logs

To stream logs from your deployed program, you can use the Solana CLI.
solana logs --url localhost