Clockwork automations massively expands the design space for blockchain developers. Below is a list of use-cases developers are using threads to build today:


  • Defi protection – Automatically repay debt on a lending market like Solend or Jet when collateral prices approach liquidation levels.
  • Trading bots Execute trades on an order book like Serum based on price feeds and technical indicators.
  • LP rebalancing – Automatically rebalance liquidity on AMMs like Orca whenever the market price moves out of a specified range.


  • Scheduled payments – Schedule token transfers and automate payroll or subscription payments.
  • Dollar-cost averaging – Run an automated dollar-cost averaging program on-chain to ease into an investment position without hassle or stress.
  • Auto-claim yield – Automatically claim and distribute yield from your favorite validator or defi application.


  • Statistics – Calculate stats, moving averages, volatility indices and more from oracle data feeds.